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When the unexpected happens, it is comforting to recognize that there are attorneys you know and trust standing by to help. That is how we view our practice at Long & Long, LLC. We believe that trust is the most important aspect of the attorney-client relationship; that is why we work hard to build trust with each client who walks through our doors. Whether you are planning your estate, buying a house or were injured in an accident, our three generations of attorneys are here to serve as trustworthy counselors and advocates.

Our Principal Practice Areas

Our attorneys at Long & Long, LLC strive to provide competent and effective legal services in:

Personal Injury

If you have been injured, it can be tempting to accept the first offer the insurance company or other responsible party makes, but these offers are rarely fair. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide you with the advice and representation that helps you get the compensation to which you are entitled. Our team of attorneys at Long & Long, LLC has years of experience in catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, slip and fall, premises liability, car and motorcycle accidents and more. Learn more.

Worker Comp

Unfortunately, workers hurt on the job can have a difficult, complex road ahead of them. Supervisors often refuse to report accidents or offer alternatives such as desk-duty for employees who are not able to work. Even if you have received compensation for your injuries, you may be unable to return to work and require ongoing benefits past your initial compensation timeline.  Count on our team to analyze and understand your unique circumstance and design a legal strategy that delivers what you deserve.  Learn More.

Estates & Estate Planning

Planning for death and incapacity is never pleasant. Nevertheless, it is a necessary step to ensuring your loved ones receive the full benefit of your estate and avoid conflict and confusion regarding your affairs.  A Long & Long, LLC estate planning attorney can help guide you through this difficult process to ensure that your affairs are managed smoothly after you are gone. Learn More.

Real Estate

Real estate is the largest investment that most people and businesses ever make. As such, issues involving real estate — whether in the course of property ownership or during a property transaction — deserve serious and personal attention from a knowledgeable attorney. From transactional issues to the challenges that can occur after ownership including title disputes, zoning, and gas rights, Long & Long, LLC will help you address all manner of real estate issues. Learn More.

Business Formation & Advisement

Your business structure and formation sets the foundation for business success or failure. As an entrepreneur, you might be a natural risk-taker, but even the most confident individuals can benefit from business formation and advisement legal services. From business registration and navigating LLCs to minimizing taxation, our team of attorneys will provide you and your business with sound legal advice to help you explore your options. Learn More.

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