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Murrysville and Greensburg Premises Liability Attorneys

More than 90 years of experience holding property owners accountable

Owners and possessors of property have a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe and free of known hazards. This extends to those who are invited onto the premises, those who are permitted to enter for their own purposes and even to trespassers under some circumstances. Property owners and tenants who do not take this duty seriously may find themselves facing substantial civil liability. As Greensburg premises liability attorneys, we at Long & Long, LLC have more than 90 years of collective experience litigating premises liability claims and negotiating fair settlements on behalf of our clients. If you have been injured by an unsafe condition on another’s property, we can thoroughly evaluate your claim and then pursue fair compensation on your behalf.

Types of premises liability claims in Murrysville and Greensburg

Premises liability extends beyond the wet floor or icy pavement cases that slip and fall attorneys typically handle. A variety of dangerous conditions on property can lead to serious injuries:

  • Uncovered holes or shafts
  • Unfenced pools
  • Exposed wiring
  • Unsafe elevators and escalators
  • Poor security
  • Unsafe doors

The law holds property owners and tenants in Murrysville and Greensburg to a very high standard of care, especially those who open their properties for business purposes. An owner or possessor of such property must periodically inspect its premises to discover unsafe conditions and, once discovered, must promptly remedy the problem. An owner or tenant who fails to do so may face premises liability even if that owner or tenant did not have actual knowledge of the condition, so long as it would have been discovered upon the use of reasonable care.

Why a Greensburg premises liability attorney can help

Premises liability claims can be complex. A negligence attorney in Greensburg and Murrysville must identify the business or individual responsible for the location where the injury occurred and then must show that person or business failed to act in a reasonable manner. Numerous principles of law come into play to determine who was responsible and what duty of care they owed the injured party.

Fully understanding these legal principles is essential to identifying all the potentially liable parties and building a strong case. Murrysville premises liability attorneys from Long & Long, LLC have been handling these types of cases throughout Westmoreland County for more than half a century. Our substantial experience and our excellent reputation allow us to more effectively work with businesses and insurance companies to get the compensation our clients deserve.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation to discuss your premises liability case

Through more than 50 years of exceptional legal service, Long & Long, LLC has become a fixture of the business and legal communities in Murrysville and Greensburg. Call our firm today at 855-805-2683 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation. We also host open office hours twice each week.