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Filing a Greensburg or Murrysville Personal Injury Lawsuit

Our experienced litigators in Westmoreland County can help

In some cases, insurers and other responsible parties will agree to pay fair compensation without it ever becoming necessary to file a lawsuit. Lawsuits can be expensive and time consuming, and plaintiffs and defendants alike try to avoid resorting to the legal process whenever possible. But unfortunately, when an insurer remains intractable or refuses to offer a fair settlement in a personal injury claim, filing a lawsuit may become necessary. This is especially true in cases where negligence is not entirely clear. As seasoned litigators with more than 90 years of collective legal experience, the Greensburg personal injury lawyers of Long & Long, LLC are not afraid to litigate on behalf of our clients when it is necessary to protect their rights.

Proving negligence in Greensburg and Murrysville

While disagreements over the amount of damages are frequent during personal injury claims, these can often be resolved outside of a lawsuit through alternative dispute resolution processes such as arbitration or mediation. But when the very existence of liability is contested, it can become necessary to file a Murrysville personal injury lawsuit. Two of the elements necessary for liability in a personal injury case are a breach of duty on the part of the defendant, i.e. an action or failure to act that was unreasonable; and causality, i.e. without the defendant’s breach of duty, the injury would not have occurred. Proving negligence requires Murrysville and Greensburg injury attorneys to establish both these elements by a preponderance of evidence.

Proving negligence can be a difficult endeavor where numerous principles of law come into play. Moreover, depending on the circumstances of the accident, evidence of the unreasonableness of the defendant’s actions and the causal connection between them and the accident can be extremely technical, often requiring testimony from highly qualified experts in fields such as engineering, safety and more. It can become even more complicated when there is more than one party potentially at fault. While these complexities can exist in any case, slip and fall accident lawyers in Greensburg know that the less serious the injury, the less likely a defendant will contest liability. A fatal accident lawyer, on the other hand, can nearly always expect some resistance regarding the liability issue as the provable damages will nearly always be high in such cases.

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While we always try to get prompt compensation for our clients through a fair settlement, the Murrysville negligence lawyers of Long & Long, LLC are not afraid to litigate when necessary. If a party who caused your injury is denying responsibility, call our office at 855-805-2683 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation.