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Experienced Greensburg and Murrysville Wills Attorneys

Helping clients effectively communicate their final wishes

Estate planning has become more complex, and wills are still a crucial part of that plan. A will is the method by which you communicate your final wishes and a trusted person is designated to see them through. In the absence of a will, these issues are determined by Pennsylvania law with little regard for what you would have wanted. Greensburg wills attorneys understand the importance of clarity and completeness when drafting a will. Our wills and trusts attorneys at Long & Long, LLC draft wills specifically for our clients and do not rely upon forms or boilerplate language. We understand that making a little extra effort now can avoid a great deal of confusion in the future. That is why we work with our clients in Murrysville and Greensburg to fully understand their goals and concerns.

Why a will is important

A will is important for multiple reasons.  It can be used for, but not limited to, planning the specific distribution of your assets upon death, setting up individualized educational trusts for your grandchildren, or providing your children with specific instructions for your real property to avoid complications after death. Drafting errors, mismanagement, alterations to the law or changes to your family or financial situation can potentially cause problems with your distribution scheme. Without a will prepared by our attorneys, these errors can cause property to be distributed in a fashion that may be against your wishes.  Our attorneys create wills to make sure that your goals are met.

What to look for in Greensburg and Murrysville wills and trusts attorneys

Wills and trusts are particular areas of law. However, they often mix with other areas of law such as tax and property law. Our attorneys exercise the utmost attention to detail while still remaining up-to-date with the latest developments in all the ancillary areas of law that can affect our clients’ estate plans.

Furthermore, our wills and trusts attorneys are excellent communicators. While the technical requirements for a valid will in Pennsylvania are surprisingly lax, vague or incomplete wills can still cause a great many problems when filed for probate. Effective Greensburg wills attorneys know how to determine their clients' goals and desires and then commit those intentions to their documents in a clear and unambiguous manner.  This is what we achieve at Long & Long, LLC.

Finally, our Murrysville wills lawyers advise our clients about other estate planning and physical and mental incapacity issues. In nearly all cases, clients should have powers of attorney and advance directives in place. Our Greensburg and Murrysville advance directive lawyers help our clients consider whom they want to make their important decisions in case of incapacity and how they want those decisions to be made.

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