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Compassionate Murrysville and Greensburg Probate and Estate Attorneys

Helping you attend to your loved one’s final affairs

If you have recently lost a loved one, selling their home or distributing their property is the last item on your mind. The responsibility of handling the estate rests on the shoulders of the executor. Unfortunately, facing the probate process without qualified legal counsel can be confusing and cause monetary loss for the beneficiaries. These costs can ultimately far outweigh any fees Murrysville probate lawyers may charge. Long & Long, LLC has been serving the probate and estate administration needs of families in Murrysville and Greensburg for more than 50 years. Our probate and estate attorneys pay close attention to each estate our clients entrust to us and help ensure the probate process proceeds in an orderly and timely fashion.

What is the probate process in Pennsylvania?

Probate is the court-supervised process of validating a deceased person’s will and carrying out its instructions. It begins with the will being presented to the Register of Wills in the appropriate county for authentication. Once the will is deemed authentic, the Register issues letters to the executor that give him or her authority to act as the personal representative of the deceased and manage the estate.

While estate planning attorneys make every effort to make estates easy to administer, being an executor or personal representative is still stressful. With the help of a Murrysville probate attorney, the personal representative’s job of providing the required notices to potential beneficiaries, filing necessary tax returns and other reports, and selling and managing estate property becomes an easier task during this time of mourning.


Why probate lawyers in Murrysville and Greensburg, PA can help

If handled correctly by a knowledgeable Greensburg probate attorney, probate does not need to be a long or difficult process.  Our estate administration lawyers understand the probate process and are able to close an estate with minimum hassle and delay. In preparing wills and estate plans, our knowledgeable and conscientious Greensburg probate lawyers help the proceeding to run smoothly.

Of course, not all estates are straightforward, and many issues are raised during the probate process. Relatives whose capabilities began to fail later in life may have long mismanaged their affairs prior to death. Our adult guardianship attorneys or elder law attorneys can help you confront these issues during the person’s life. Furthermore, a financial and health care power of attorney may be able to avoid these issues altogether.


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Over more than 50 years, Long & Long, LLC has built a reputation for knowledgeable and conscientious legal service throughout Westmoreland County. Call our office at 855-805-2683, contact us online or attend our open house office hours to arrange a free consultation with a Greensburg probate and estates attorney.