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Highly Qualified Murrysville and Greensburg Estate Administration Attorneys

Helping families sort out their loved ones’ final affairs

Despite the importance of having a will, many people in Pennsylvania still die without one.  The same situation can arise if the deceased had a will, but it was lost or is ultimately determined to be invalid. When no valid will can be found, a deceased person’s property must still be distributed and their final affairs resolved. This is done through the estate administration process. For more than 50 years, the good people of Murrysville and Greensburg have trusted us at Long & Long, LLC to help them resolve their loved ones’ final affairs. Our knowledge, experience and attention to detail allow us to help our clients avoid common pitfalls in the probate or estate administration process and bring it to a timely and worry-free conclusion.

Why a person might die without a will

As wills and trust attorneys, we cannot stress enough how important it is to have a thorough and well-drafted will in place. Drafting a will is not something that most people are eager to do, and many simply put it off until an unexpected illness or accident occurs. If a person has a will but the original cannot be found, the law often presumes it was destroyed and therefore is invalid. While Pennsylvania’s technical requirements for the validity of a will are broad, some wills may still be deficient and possibly rejected for probate.

In other cases, a family member or other potential beneficiary may challenge the validity of an otherwise acceptable will. This frequently occurs when there are doubts about a will’s authenticity or whether the person who signed it understood its contents. Lastly, if there is a valid will that is accepted for probate, any property the will does not address is still subject to estate administration and distribution under Pennsylvania statute.

What Greensburg and Murrysville probate and estate administration attorneys do

The job of Murrysville estate administration attorneys is similar to that of probate attorneys. Estate administration lawyers help their clients manage the estate, provide the required notices to potential beneficiaries, handle any claims against the estate, file tax returns and other required documents and ultimately distribute the estate property. The primary difference is that in the absence of a valid will, both the identity of the personal representative and the distribution scheme of the estate property are determined by statute rather than according to the wishes of the deceased. This is one of the reasons having a will is so important. If a person has made his or her wishes clear to their family members, those instructions are rarely legally binding unless memorialized in a valid will.

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