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Experienced Greensburg and Murrysville Living Wills Attorneys

Helping you communicate your wishes to your loved ones

How one chooses to face the end of their life is a deeply personal choice. Ensuring your loved ones understand the choices you have made are crucial to seeing them carried out. Pennsylvania law allows competent adults to put in place advance healthcare directives — often called living wills or healthcare powers of attorney — that direct family members and medical professionals how to approach their care should they become incapacitated. At Long & Long, LLC our lawyers help clients understand how these important documents work and what they can accomplish. We listen to our clients’ concerns and draft documents that clearly and completely communicate their wishes.

Why Greensburg and Murrysville healthcare directive lawyers can help

Healthcare directive is a term that refers to both living wills, i.e. documents that contain instructions for end-of-life healthcare, and healthcare powers of attorney — documents that designate a loved one or other trusted individual to make healthcare decisions for an incapacitated principal. A healthcare directive may combine both into a single document as well.

Because a healthcare directive addresses important issues, the law imposes specific requirements that such documents must meet in order to be valid. They must be in writing, signed and witnessed by at least two competent adults. As a practical matter, these documents must also be very clear and leave no ambiguity. An experienced healthcare directive lawyer in Murrysville ensures his clients’ documents meet the statutory requirements and contain clear and useable instructions.

Who should have a healthcare directive?

Estate administration lawyers normally recommend that nearly everyone should have a financial power of attorney in place. Healthcare powers of attorney are also generally advisable to avoid confusion and fighting amongst loved ones. On the other hand, living wills may not be right for everyone. It is important to fully understand the implications and meaning of these documents before deciding on a course of action.

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By taking the time to truly listen, our estate planning and healthcare directive lawyers at Long & Long, LLC have helped clients in Greensburg and Murrysville make informed decisions regarding end-of-life issues for decades. Call our office at 855-805-2683, contact us online or come to our twice-weekly open office hours to arrange a free consultation with an attorney.