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Dangerous Roads in Greensburg and Murrysville, PA

A Greensburg car wreck attorney can hold the government accountable

Distracted or careless drivers are not always the cause of car accidents. Dangerous roads may also frequently play a role. This can stem from defects in design, poor maintenance or lack of safety equipment such as guardrails. When dangerous roads contribute to or cause car accidents, the government authorities responsible for those roads may be liable for the resulting injuries. Long & Long, LLC attorneys have litigated numerous such claims on behalf of injured clients in Murrysville and Greensburg, PA. We understand the complexities of seeking compensation from a government agency and have helped many of our clients secure prompt and fair compensation.

Dangerous roads in the Greensburg and Murrysville area

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the Pittsburgh area is home to 33 individual car accident-prone roads. Some especially dangerous roads have accounted for hundreds of accidents and numerous fatalities:

  • Frankstown Road in Penn Hills — 77 accidents and three fatalities in five years
  • Fifth Avenue in Pittsburgh — 131 accidents in five years
  • Route 28 in Pittsburgh — 147 accidents in five years
  • Saw Mill Run Boulevard in Pittsburgh — 188 accidents in five years
  • West Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh — Five fatalities in five years
  • Freeport Road in Natrona — Nine fatalities in five years

While these are some examples of particularly dangerous roads, poor road maintenance and design can cause accidents anywhere, and an experienced personal injury attorney can best determine if road design may have been a factor. If there is reason to believe that a dangerous road contributed to your accident, a car accident attorney works with respected engineering and safety experts in Greensburg and Murrysville to establish that the government agency responsible for the road — usually either PennDot or a local municipality — failed to act in a reasonable manner and that its negligence caused the accident.

Special issues in road design cases

Cases against the state or a municipality for injuries caused by dangerous roads can be complex and are subject to special procedural rules. An auto accident attorney must act quickly to protect his or her client’s right to sue. But if the circumstances indicate that a car accident-prone road may have been to blame, a lawsuit against the government often can represent a car accident victim’s best chance for recovering full compensation. This is especially true in cases where there is limited or no insurance coverage available from the involved drivers.

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