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Our Greensburg and Murrysville Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Fight for Your Rights

Representing riders throughout Westmoreland County

Riders face unique dangers on the road. If they are injured in a motorcycle accident, they can face unique challenges in the courtroom as well. With more than a 50-year history of representing accident victims in Murrysville and Greensburg, the attorneys of Long & Long, LLC know the issues that make motorcycle accident cases unique. We have helped numerous riders throughout Westmoreland County recover fair compensation for serious injuries. Our reputation allows us to work with respected experts to fully establish the extent of our clients’ injuries in order to get them fair and timely compensation.

Why motorcycle accident cases are different

Motorcycle riders are far more prone to serious or even fatal injuries. But a catastrophic injury attorney knows how to approach cases involving the life-altering injuries — such as traumatic brain injuries, and neck and spine injuries — that are especially common in motorcycle accident cases. Moreover, wrongful death attorneys with experience in motorcycle cases are best equipped to help the families of fatal motorcycle accident victims pick up the pieces after tragedy strikes.

In addition to the frequently serious nature of motorcycle accident injuries, establishing fault in a motorcycle accident case requires knowledge of the special issues riders face on the road. Motorists in Murrysville and Greensburg often fail to notice motorcycles in their blind spots and may have difficulty judging the distance of an approaching motorcycle at night. Understanding these issues is crucial to investigating a motorcycle accident and gathering evidence of fault before filing a personal injury lawsuit.

What motorcycle accident lawyers in Greensburg and Murrysville can do to help

Fully documenting the nature and severity of your injuries is crucial to getting the full compensation you deserve. Insurance companies know that accident victims are frequently under financial strain. Lost wages and medical bills can add up quickly. All too often, they use this as a negotiating tool by offering low initial settlements and delaying the legal process as much as they can. But a Greensburg and Murrysville motorcycle accident attorney understands the protections Pennsylvania insurance laws provide to motorcycle and car accident victims and can hold the insurance company accountable. In addition, by gathering evidence and presenting a strong case, a motorcycle accident lawyer can force the insurance company to negotiate or face a potential loss in court.

Contact us today for a free initial consultation about your motorcycle accident

Our attorneys at Long & Long, LLC have more than 90 years of collective experience fighting for car and motorcycle accident victims in Greensburg and Murrysville. Call our office today at 855-805-2683, contact us online or attend our twice-weekly open office hours to set up a free consultation with an attorney.